Question about copyright on sound effects.

I used some sound effects in a game that I published to the play store and just realized that I can’t use them since they’re from a game show and I don’t own the rights to them.

I don’t know much about sound design and probably wouldn’t be able to make my own unique sounds for it and I can’t find some other sounds as good as them that I can use for free.
Is there some way that I can edit the sound(change pitch, normalize, give it some more bass etc) so that the sound is more unique and I can’t get in trouble with copyright?

Or would I have to find someone who could somehow make the sound from scratch and I would be able to use that instead?

Absolutely not. Editing the sound only makes it a derivative work. Its still illegal for you to use without the permission of the copyright holder of the original work.

I suggest you cheek out the web for free and low cost royalty-free replacement sounds.

Creative Commons Search is a great way to start: