question about delegates

i was reading about delegates, and think i get it why they are for, just want to know how you use it in your project. where do you instantiate delegate? can somebody give a simpliest example of the use in unity? thank you

Delegates are part of the C# language specification. They are basically callbacks.

You can read Microsoft reference, or look at this tutorial.

Define a signature for your callbacks:

delegate void MyDelegate(int myInt);

Create a container:

public MyDelegate myDelegate;

Create a method matching the delegate signature:

void MyMethod(int myInt)

Add this method to the delegate collection:

myDelegate += MyMethod;

To call all callbacks that have been registered, just use it like a C#-method:

if (myDelegate != null)

This will fire MyMethod(42) and print the log. Now the magic comes with the fact that myDelegate is public. Therefore, you can add (or remove) callbacks from any other script.