Question about Falloff texture for projectors in Unity.

Hey all…in reading the docs for using projectors, I came across this link:

Unity - Projector

With this verbiage:

When no Falloff Texture is used in the projector’s Material, it can project both forward and backward, creating “double projection”. To fix this, use an alpha-only Falloff texture that has a black leftmost pixel column.

I am not a Photoshop wizard…so I’m not 100% sure I get this description? Is this saying that I should just create a fully transparent image with 1 strip of 100% opaque black pixels down the left column?

Or is this telling me to create an image that only has an alpha channel (and no RGB channels) and set a strip of black pixels down the left of the alpha channel (which I believe would make them 100% transparent). If the value of black pixels is all zeroes, then that would suggest an alpha value of zero.

Wouldn’t it just make sense for Unity to include a “no-falloff” texture in the asset package for projectors? :-/

Anyway…thanks in advance for any help!

I also wondered about all the settings, both in gimp and in import. If you look in Standard Assets/Projectors/Sources/Textures at the example falloff import settings, it makes it much more clear (RGB image with “alpha from grayscale”) set. You could also export an alpha channel from gimp/ps, I’m sure.