question about joints

Hi there,

I'm having troubles using joints,

i've created a pair of horses (with rigidbodies attached & controlled by forces) whit i attach to eachother with a fix joint.

To this ensemble, i've attached a chariot, consisting of a main body & 2 attached wheels with wheel colliders & hinge joints to the cariot.

Now i've attached the chariot to the horses using a hinge and a configurable joint, at low speeds this runs fine, but as soon as i try and speed up, the whole rigs starts to bounce uncontrollably.

are there any decent articles/examples around using joints with rigidbodies to make train/horse and chariot kind of items?

thx Badger

As far as I know, very few tutorials or information on joints, certainly nothing on horses.

Are the bounces coming as a result of increased rate of impact upon terrain/ground planes with bumps, or as a result of load build up during a turn and the subsequent release upon straightening out?