Question about Multithreaded rendering!

Hi everybody,

I have a question about multithreaded rendering! I heard that it has bugs and crashes in some devices. But my game has problem with fps, when I enable multithreaded rendering, it improve fps and my game run very fast. So, should i enable it when release my game for android?

And if multithreaded rendering help my game improve fps, so the reason of low fps is rendering? How can i resolved it without multithreaded rendering?

Thank you very much!

Unless you have Unity pro, finding performance “bottlenecks” can be a pain. THe way I reccomend (and what most of us have to do in such a situation), is loading up your scene and turing off one thing (lighting, AI, large meshes, expansive shaders and so on), and see if your fps improves. If it doesn’t, turn off the next thing until you’ve found it.

This is not a catch-all solution. Your problem could be connected with some of the settings that may be too high, multiple camera’s in the scene, “bad coding” and so on. Or it might be that your PC is (too) slow. When it’s obvious what’s wrong, you fix that. If you don’t know, it might take a while to fix it.