question about Network.InitializeServer

My script is below. It is attached to the camera which is the only object.
When play starts, the console shows the output from the 2 prints. But, no
sever seems to be listening on port 2500. I have briefly explored the NAT
stuff but don't think I need it here. I would be happy to see an open socket
on port 2500 via localhost/
Thanks for any insights.

function Start() {
// Network.useNat = !Network.HavePublicAddress();
var rc = Network.InitializeServer(5,2500); // start my own server
print("RC=" + rc);

If you run that script, a server should start listening on port 2500. Just as long as you get RC=NoError or something similar printed to the debug log.

To "see" the port has opened, open a terminal window and run

netstat -n | grep 2500

You should see a line printed indicating that someone is listening on that port. It does not bind to localhost specifically but to any interface (*). If you don't see the port has opened you presumably have an error printed after "RC="?

Thanks for the response. This is very helpful. The RC is indeed NoError.
And, a UDP port 2500 port is there. I had been looking for a TCP port.

If you don't mind continuing the thread for a moment, in the same script, I next
added this line after printing the RC from the InitializeServer:
Network.Connect("",2500); // now start client
I experimented with various IPs including localhost,, etc but was not
successful. Now I know that technically you don't really "connect" to a UDP port,
but I am aware that you can execute a connect to one to tie down the
association. Anyway, I am not sure what Network.Connect is actually doing
internally. I just know that the docs tell me:

To create the server, you simply call Network.InitializeServer() from a script. When you want to connect to an existing server as a client, you call Network.Connect() instead.

So, I am unsure how to accomplish the connect.

Thanks very much.

Never mind. :-)
I answered my own question. I found that I could start 2 separate instances
of Unity, one running the InitializeServer and the other running the Connect.
Both work fine now.