Question about Remote Config limitations.

Hi, I've been reading up on remote config documentation ( I was wondering if there were any limitations I should be aware of like there is with economy and cloud save. In particular, I was curious if there were file-size limitations (overall and per key-value) and slot limitations (how many key-values we are allowed to have per project).

Also a question on whether having configs with large JSONs that are constantly affected by players is part of intended usage.


  • A configuration can have a max payload size of 5MB
  • A string limit is only of 65 535 characters

  • A json has a limit of 20,000 characters

  • as for how many keys, its a lot, and you're unlikely going to run into a limit, however I can find more info for you.

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Hi, so we made some updates and have removed the json limitation:

Remote Config is great for delivering configuration created by developers to many players while being able to experiment and target on this configuration. Things like feature flagging and game balancing are great use-cases.

If an action taken by a player could update the configuration then this is technically possible (e.g. through cloud code and the admin api) however if these changes happen constantly then remote config might not be the best place to go.

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Hi Steven, I was wondering if this change can also be applied to modify remote config via dashboard. I'm still having trouble uploading large remote config data with via uploading csv.

Hey FDUnity-01,

I'll send you a DM so we can investigate further with the team :)


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Hi! I'm running into the same issue here. I have a 600.000 characters JSON I would like to get from Remote Configs. Is that possible?