Question about Sentis

Regarding the Sentis beta I fully understand that I can not use this in a commercial product at this time, however am I allowed to use it in a Pitch for a future commercial product that would be released after Sentis is released?

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Im in a similar boat. I have some potential client work that could leverage some of the tech that Sentis is suggesting it can achieve; but its a no-go if it can’t be used because the release timeline is too far away. Is there a rough ballpark for when Sentis would be ‘public’? It would help us to determine if its something we should work with or pivot to a different technology.

Hi there, you should feel free to use Sentis at will for anything you want. We plan to release the product in General Availability (production) in November 2023. We’ll be providing some more specifics in the near future.


Could we have a better clarification because I’m sure none of us want to violate the terms of the beta but it seems we are working on projects that could be potentially beneficial to use Sentis and we are wanting to make sure we can possibly use these in that format to deliver something to a client but not as a release as of yet but to allow the client to see the full functionality and ideas come to life by using Sentis.

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Hey @ChromazoneX - No problem. To be very clear, you can basically do anything you want with Sentis, and treat it as unrestricted. We plan to do a few minor updates to the package between now and General Availability on November 15, at which point we will open it to all Unity users, for free and unlimited use. And yes, you can you use it commercially to deliver something to a client, although obviously it is an experimental package in beta, so you should tell your client that :slight_smile:

Does that clarify it for you?