Question about Update vs FixedUpdate

I’m creating a player controller for a 2d platformer without using the CharacterController component. All of my collisions are detected using raycasts.

My question is: Should I do all of my collisions+movement in a FixedUpdate call or in Update with movement as a factor of Time.deltaTime ?

I’m not sure if there is a significant difference, but I’ve noticed strange behavior running in browser on slower machines while currently using FixedUpdate. Thanks for any input.

FixedUpdate should really only be used when you’re dealing with some sort of physics interaction. FixedUpdate is also at a (obviously) fixed frame step, and a maximum allowed time step, which is specifically for normalizing physics across varying machines.

You may want to consider raycasting and controlling the raycasts in update, and any physics / rigidbody movement in FixedUpdate.