Question for @Mavina , What Program?

@Mavina only

Can you tell me what program you used to create the things in that folder? If the program cost money or something, can you use this image instead? Each separate image is a 22x35, including the number 1.


First I had to take your original image and modified it so that each character was of the same width, height and padding. New image.

I then used a free tool called ShoeBox. It has many features one that allows you to take an image and creates the necessary spritesheet and xml data for creating bitmap fonts with certain 3rd party tools.

One of them is called Bitmap Font Tools by CJFInc which you can find in the asset store. There are several other bitmap font tools that you can find in the asset store and if you are making games you may want to consider looking one of them.

Once I have the spritesheet and xml data I copy them to somewhere in my project Assets folder and then I can let the Bitmap Font Tools by CJFInc tool create the font and font material.

Now unfortunately I can not use your image

  1. First a clean image with proper sizing an spacing is required by ShoeBox
  2. ShoeBox, the tool I used to create the spritesheet and xml data needs to create a padding of at least 1 pixel otherwise there will be bleeding of characters which is very undesired.

[|71364] is the best that I can do

There is another tool that you can get on the Asset store (included in the link above) called Font Setter-Packer. The plus side is that it does not have the requirements of of the other tool but the downside is that you are required to set up the font your self inside Unity.

Since you only have 10 characters I made the font out of your original image. See [|71365].