Question on Adding extra animation clips to my Character

I’m a newbie in UNITY. I use 3ds Max.
I don’t want to make the animation clips all in one MAX file, but ONE BY ONE. Just like, “idle.max”, “forward.max”, “backward.max”,…

I’ve exported my Rigged Character without animation into Unity in a T-POSE, I wonder how to config the export settings to my single animation, and how to add them to my Character in Unity?

Ask for helping, Thank you.


You can use the @ convention.

This way you can break your animation for your character into seperate fbx file.
The convention says modelName@animation.

I use Blender for modeling and animation so for example say I have a model name monster and walk animation and roar animatio. I just export 3 fbx files. One named moster.fbx , one named monster@walk.fbx and monster@roar.fbx. Unity knows to collect all the animations within these files because of the @ symbol.

I hope it helps.