question on animationjob

for starters, here’s how my scripts work :
m_Graph = PlayableGraph.Create("anim"); m_Graph.SetTimeUpdateMode(DirectorUpdateMode.GameTime); var oup = AnimationPlayableOutput.Create(m_Graph, "RigOup", Animator); oup.SetAnimationStreamSource(AnimationStreamSource.PreviousInputs);
then I create a script that says simple aim, in which at start it is created IAnimationJob :
var _Aimsp = AnimationScriptPlayable.Create(PlayableGraph, Objects.GetComponent()._job);

then add script with Two bone ik:
var _BikSp = AnimationScriptPlayable.Create(PlayableGraph, Objects.GetComponent()._job);
add input from Aim SCript:
_BikSp.AddInput(_Aimsp, 0, 1); oup.SetSourcePlayable(_BikSp);
and then play it all
everything works, only TwoBoneIk works late and jerks.
so I wanted to know what tools can be used to work fine? then in the standard set from unity everything is complicated.
(everything is done for humanoid)


for those who are looking for an answer:
the error was in the script with Twoboneik.
I got the position of the object to which the hand reaches through TransformSceneHandle, but it was necessary through TransformStreamHandle