Question on Installing Unity 3D free and trial.

Am I able to install the free version of Unity and wait to use the 30 day pro trial? Or will I never get the chance to use pro trial after I choose to use the free version first? Thanks to anyone that helps. -Ryan

They've set it up so you get your 30 day pro trial to begin with. It would make it easier to answer your question if you could let us know what you'd like to use the pro features for. I imagine it's something along the lines of 'how can I trial features that I don't know how to use'.

The Manual Activation page doesn't say anything about starting with a 30-day Pro trial, it sounds like it's an option:

The version you download contains both Unity and Unity Pro. Upon launching Unity, you will be take to our online activation, where you can choose to get Unity, or do a 30 day Unity Pro Trial

And when I first activated my copy of Unity, it was as the free version. Granted, after several months I bought the Pro version :) But I don't see anything saying I couldn't have done a 30-day trial after a month of free. So I think you can wait and still use the Trial.

I'm not a UT employee, however - the actual final word should come from an Admin. :)