Question on Instantiating

I'm making a "wall" in front of my player character. There's a single hitch at the moment though: I have not the clue as to how to instantiate it away from the gameObject I'm instantiating from.

I'm working off of examples (Rocket launcher, grenade) of instantiate and the brick wall building one (for loops) in the resources center and I can't seem to configure these to work in the way I want.

I'm really asking for a starting point as to where I can look into.

Couldn't you just use the overloaded Instantiate method:

E.g Instantiate(myPrefab,new Vector3(0,0,0), Quaternion.identity) where the vector3 is the world position.

See reference manual

The problem with that code is that I don't need it in world space (and I'm not savvy enough to get it to local). However, I did this:

wallPlace = (GameObject.Find("Player_spellOrigin").transform.position + Vector3(10,0,0));
Instantiate(wall, wallPlace, Quaternion.identity);

I just made a new variable that added to the position of the Player_spellOrigin.