Question on SerializeField?

Hi there, I have a doubt that how to use SerializeField in our script. I know when you kept serializeField to a private variable it forces to serialize and we can see that variable in the inspector.

But my doubt is how cost it is while using. I Mean I have 40 to 50 Variables that I need assign in the inspector. for that using public variable is the best practice or serializeField is best.

[SerializeField] is something useless unless you have 10000+ variables and targeting some museum-worth computers. People use it because they were taught so :slight_smile:
SF means turning your variable with its value into 1byte, to clear some memory, nothing more. Delete all of it.
P.S. There will probably be those who’s strongly disagreed. Disregard those people, they’re blind beyond books they read in college (probably like 2000 edition XD)