Question on Unity Project: Stealth - Chapter 1 - Video 2 at the beginning

Hello I’m new to Unity and have a question

I have already imported all of the contents in the asset folder.
At the beginning of the video it says to save the new scene to the scenes folder which I checked all directories for it in the asset folder and it isn’t showing. Also he says to go into the models folder to move a file over to the hierarchy which isn’t appearing either. I have important twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Any advice?

Create the folder yourself.

Right click on the assets folder in the project view, then go create then folder

Assets > right click > create > folder

Name the folder Scenes.

Save the scene in the new folder.

Get the tutorial project via the asset manager in Unity, not via an external web browser. For some reason, if you use an external browser and “Open with Unity” all the files seem to be missing.