[Question] Possible to create large space in Augmented reality?

Been wondering how large you can make the space to walk around in using augmented reality. Say if someone were to use an empty flat field, standing in the middle of it without obstructions, could you then create a 50x50 foot like arena in AR which they could walk around and interact with objects on their phone?

The only other example I can think of using something like this is the new harry potter wizards unite where you step through the portkey to a new world. I was wondering if this could be done in an even larger space. I’m not too familiar with AR so any help is much appreciated! Thanks!!!

The space that AR Kit and AR Core is only limited, in theory, by the amount of memory on your phone. I have managed to get at least 40 feet away from a placed object on a convention show floor and the placed objects were still fairly accurate.