[Question] Reasons For Some Features Being Pro-Only?

Good morning everyone.

I have a question about two features I believe should be on the independent version of Unity.
The two features are;
1. Native Libraries
2. Beta

Why are they pro-only?
1. Having native dll support on the independent version would likely encourage much more development of native libraries, by people that can not afford to pay the monthly fee (or rather, they don't want to pay for something they don't use that often, you know, indie devs - I can only code after work, and even then it's barely an hour or two, and not even every day).
2. Have beta available for all means more bug reports, more beta testers, even on indie machines (compared to professionally-used machines by pro devs and companies).

I'd understand limiting your support for these features (as in, putting more priority on solving issues made by pro users), but I don't see the gain of limiting the entire feature itself.

I am not asking for you to unlock the features, nor am I complaining.
Rather, I am trying to understand your benefits of limiting those two features as opposed to opening them to the indie public.


Unity got this memo several months ago when they released Unity 5.X. All of the pro features that matter are now available in the personal edition.

I talked with several devs about this. Apparently the 4.6 open beta was a bit of a farce. Most of the bug reports from free users were related to user PEBCAK, and had nothing to do with the beta. Apparently a lot of new users jumped on the beta who had no idea how to already use Unity. So they opted to limit beta’s to pro. Its not so much of a perk, beta access is typically a lot of work. Its more a way to limit the beta testers to experienced users (or at least rich ones).

Really? While I am far away from using it myself (well, not THAT far) that's great news.

This I can understand, although I was referring more to bug reports made by Unity itself, rather than by users, at least for the indie beta version.


As @Kiwasi says, features like Native Libraries are now available in Unity Personal edition, and have been since March.

When we start running out of bug reports to fix then I'm sure we'll consider opening up the beta to more users, but it's really not a problem we're facing just yet... ;)

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Thanks for the answer.
I’ve watched the live training about plugins yesterday, I did not notice it is that “ancient”, so it’s my bad, I apologize.
As for bugs, well, I know what ya mean, I’m an automation engineer, but without bugs we’d be outta work :stuck_out_tongue: (Even though I fell into it due to winds of fate…)