question regarding buying from asset store

hi, i am trying to buy something from the asset store. However i have 2 copies of unity, one from work one at home. Since I need an account to log into asset store and buy, i need to know if i can share and download asset between my machines with the same unity store account.


If you are logged in using the same account, you will simply be able to refetch the assets on the other machine through the Asset Store. Either go to the download manager (by pressing the tool bar button to the right of the home button) or to the product page. The Asset Store knows that you have previously purchased the item and the ‘Buy’ button will be replaced with a ‘Download’ button.

Not sure as I have never had the two places issue. But i would imagine if you had something like dropbox you could build your games off it and only need to download the asset once.

But if you had to do it, i would think of just copying the asset you downloaded and giving it to your other machine.

thers an asset store?!?!?! where??!?!?!?!?!?