Question regarding Pixels Per Unit and Particle Effects


I have this game i am making (2D game using Unity 4.6 and now Unity 5) which is set to Pixel Per Unit 1 for the whole game and sprites.

The problem is with particle effect. When i place any particle effect it just look so small i need to zoom-in so much and modify its parameters (like ‘start size’,etc.) manually to increase its size, but i found very difficult to re size it correctly mostly if the particle effect has more particle children.

Is there a way to change the scale of the particle effect to fit the Pixel per unit 1 (i am guessing this is the problem)?
Any assistance would be appreciated as i already wasted many hours to fix particles to the scale and the result is sometimes not good.

Solved by using Particle Scaling asset from unity store.
they have a few for such particle problems.