Question, somewhat unity based.

I am wondering, I want to be a environment designer and I know this is unity3d answers, but are buildings textured and are materials applied differently on buildings than say characters(I KNOW THIS IS UNITY ANSWERS BUT IT IS STILL GAME DESIGN).

All models are pretty much skinned the same way. Add a material to the object → Add a shader to the material → Add textures to the shader.


To add to jrlowe’s answer, I export my UV maps for the models I make in Blender and draw up my textures in GIMP based on the UV. Simply dragging this Textured-UV onto the model in Unity makes for a perfect skin.

As what meat5000 said, you can add textures and create mat files in Unity3d. What I do is fully texture my maps/models in blender and bake certain texture maps, then just use those material info and textures in Unity, because I don’t know if you can bake texture maps in Unity3d at least not the pro version.