Question, why does my object skew automatically?

After I rotate my model, and view it in game mode, it will somehow skew the model to be all weird? What's causing this skew issue? All I'm trying to do is rotate part of my paddle to be angled but it has a skew affect?

This will be because your object's parent has a non uniform scale. The skewing arises naturally as a result of the way that the model is inheriting the scale of its parent, and also being rotated.

Perhaps you're building your paddle out of a collection of Unity's primitive models? If so, to solve this, ideally you need to build your paddle in a 3d modelling app, rather than using these built-in primitives.

It might be an alternative solution however, to - instead of parenting your "part" which is skewing to the scaled paddle object, parent all the parts to a single empty gameobject with a scale of 1,1,1