Questions about a Bow and Arrow FPS setup

So what I’m currently doing is I’m animating a bow and an arrow both as one object, creating an animation for the load, load_standby, and launch. Now what I’m curious about is how I can turn the arrow into a projectile without it just being a solid piece of wood flying straight ahead, with no collision or anything of the sort (being as right now my launch will consist of the arrow leaving the bow and just flying straight forward, and when the animation ends, the arrow disappears). I have a basic knowledge of programming, but nothing complex. If there is a script out there I could be recommended to, that would be preferable.

You’ll need to take the model of the arrow away from the bow and make a separate model of that also. And then you’ll need to create a prefab of the arrow that has the proper colliders and scripts set up so that when it hits something it does whatever you want. I’d suggest following the tutorial recommended above as it will guide you through setting up a basic weapon that shoots spheres, and instead of the sphere just use your arrow model.