Questions About (Advanced Videogames physics)

do you know games such as

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams / Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3, Xbox 360) / Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS2) / Tekken 5/6 / Soul Caliber 3/4 / Final Fantasy XII and XIII / Batman Arkham Asylum / Resonance of Fate / Hokuto Musou or Fist of the North Star / The Last Remnant / Harry Potter Half Blood Prince / Assassin's Creed I and II / Devil May Cry 4 / God of War III / Way of the Samurai 3

i was thinking of its physics on the character's hair, clothes and accesories was!!

for example, look at "onimusha - dawn of dreams" on ps2 have a great physics system on some of the characters hair and clothes!! i wonder what is it made with? with cloth/softbodies physics or ragdoll or something else? i mean that the physics was so smooth and perfect doesn't got disablement, damaged, ruined, or broken!!

and the (softbody/ragdolls/etc..) was mix with static object which doesn't occur physics (ex:- half softbody, and half not)!!strong text

Hair and clothes are usually made using bones and then either animating these bones, or using some procedural technique to move them (for example some spring or rope "physics")

Or you could try doing something like this. I’m gonna be making a detailed guide soon