Questions about building a game (for console or android,....)

When i press the build button and only select current scene why does it last hours for it to complete? Is this normal?

Second question lately i haven’t been able to build any scene at all. Makes me wonder.

If i press build and only current scene does it take stuff from the assets i bought from the asset store (scripts) for example that are not in the scene?

I am a total noob in unity atm.

Build time depends on the complexity of the scene. But, it shouldn’t literally take hours (especially for a single scene). As the scene builds you can see what it is that Unity is working on and that may indicate the bottleneck. If you are building for a console or mobile platform it will likely take longer than building for Windows/Mac/Linux because it has to convert everything to match that platforms requirements, and that tends to be harder for mobile/console. The first time is usually the worst. That and switching the target platform will make Unity analyze all of your assets to see if they need to be reimported for the new platform.

As far as not building any scene at all… what happens? Any errors in the console?

Unity tries to only use the assets that are actually needed. I don’t know if it does a perfect job of it, but your build time/size should not significantly impacted by unused assets.