Questions about file Browser and user assigning file to an object

Hi, I’m building a virtual midi controller with unity. I’m looking into a way for user to change the sound of each individual key either by choosing the sound library int he unity folder or any sound files from their directory.

Is this possible?

I’ve been looking for tutorials on file browsers and such customiseability, but could not find any. And I’m not really experienced in coding or C# in this matter to come up with my own code :(.

Can anyone help point me to the right direction? What kind of functions I’m looking for, where should I look, what do I need to read?

landern made a good comment about finding a plug in that might make things easier for you.
But Unity does do about everything you want with reading and writing files if you want to code it yourself.

      import System;
     import System.IO;
     import System.Diagnostics;
     var bt:byte[];

var dir="C:/WhateverFolderOnTheUsersCdrive";     

var info2 = new DirectoryInfo(dir);
       var files2=info2.GetFiles();
       for(file567 in files2){
      print("i see: "+file567.FullName);
       print("i found an mp3 file");

 this sort of thing only works on standalone builds