Questions about Is Triggers and player collision. HELP!

Hey guys, sorry if this post maybe a repeated one, i couldnt find any that answer my question.

1. Is there a way whereby i could check whether if the player is colliding with any is trigger on scene?

Currently i trying to achieve an objective whereby if player is not colliding with any of my collectibles within a certain timing, the score will be reset.


You could record the time you last collided with a collectible

var lastTime = 0.0;
var score = 0;
var certainTime = 2.0;

function OnTriggerStay(col : Collider)
    if ( == "collectible")
        lastTime = Time.time;

function Update()
    if (Time.time - lastTime > certainTime) score = 0;

Ohh? This seems like a good Idea, it's like in Need For Speed when you need to check in with your goals or GAME OVER XD Yes what he said is correct, just copy & paste the script to match the items, if you Know what I mean.

alt text

Checkpoints Hehe, this is what u meant right? Ohh, and don't forget to make an actual score increasing script, just saying XD