Questions about Multiplayer and Networking?

First I apologize if you find this question too subjective I just could not seem to find what I was looking for by myself.

I am making my first multiplayer game in unity and have absolutely no idea where to start with multiplayer and networking the script API confuses me,and the tutorials are lacking.So I was hoping someone who knows this area much better than I do would give me some advice.

I don’t like the NetworkGUI system as firstly is uses old GUI methods instead of unity’s new UI system, and doesn’t teach about much that is actually happening inside the code I want to know what code i need to use. What I want is my game to have the ability for players to Host servers themselves and Join servers that someone hosted, without having to know their IP address, preferably a server list could be created. If someone could point me to code in which I would go about doing something like this that would be enough. I am 100% unfamiliar with how IP addresses, or ports work.

Once again i’m very sorry if this question has been asked many times, or is to subjective, I just could not spend my whole day checking every single related answer question on this site… there is a lot.

This is the exact implementation of NetworkManagerHUD. You can implement it anyhow you want using the new UI system. Just take the OnGUI code Peace by piece to different functions and attach them to buttons.