Questions about Rotations in unity

what exactly is the difference between Quaternion.EulerAngles and transform.EulerAngles. I know that using Quaternion avoids Gimble Lock, but their both referring to the same thing so wouldnt they have the same values? Also, im a little confused as to how localEulerAngles would differ from regular eulerAngles. I know that local means its rotating relative to the parent, and i understand that completely with changing the position. but ive seen rotations do weird things in unity with skewing the object so rotation wise, what exactly would be the difference in the result?

transform.EulerAngles() returns the current rotation of the transform in degrees.

There is no static Quaternion.EulerAngles property/method.

Quaternion.Euler(transform.EulerAngles) does the opposite of transform.EulerAngles()