Questions about server side on Unity3D

Hey guys, I was thinking to use Unity3D for make a MMORPG and need to know somethings before start.

1. I see that uses a Unity Server it isnt good when have many players simultaneously, but its MMORPG, so will have many players (more than 100). Which is a good alternative for this?

2. I have experience with C++, this way, I can make an entire server with c++ using tcp sockets, and client side using Unity3D normally? Would be easier for me, and I believe would be better too.

@ Ah, using my own custom server on c++, would be better to because of I could separate server into Login Server, and Game Server…


I think making an mmorpg with unity and it’s server side you will not have to many issues, especially if you know how to code c++ or c# to make custom server syncs depending on how the physics in your game will act, only issues i have run into it is syncing pure physics based programs like cloth but that’s just me and i don’t know too much about their multiplayer api, yet.