Questions about Unity Answers

  1. How do I reward an answerer with more kudos if he goes above and beyond the call of duty in the comments/discussions that follow an answer? At this point in time I'd like throw kudos to Eric5h5 and Statement. But how?
  2. How do I rank/rate a comment? If it doesn't exist, why not? It should.
  3. How do I know when more comments have been made on a thread/question? There's seemingly no notification for this, but should be, since as soon as an answer's been posted, the communication between questioner and answerer happens here... do I have to manually check all the time?
  4. Why does it take 24 hours for unityAnswers to notify me of responses to my questions? And why does it not know I've already read those responses.
  5. How do I search the Unanswered questions? If there's a subject I know a bit about in Unity, and I have time, I want to be able to search unanswered questions to find something I might be able to help with. Won't happen often, but might... other times I might want to find those suffering the same fate.

1) You can upvote the comments, but that won't increase reputation. Alternatively you could be nice and look through their posts for an answer or question which deserves an upvote

2) Theres a little up arrow icon to the left of the comment when hovering over it, it'll increase the comment rating

3) If you're subscribed to the question (You posted the question or an answer), you'll get notifications at the top of your screen - the little envelope icon will turn blue. You can also click that icon to check the comments you've had in the past day

4) Not sure about this one, I'd have thought it'd be similar to number 3 though, including knowing that you've already read them. If not, possibly a bug?

5) Theres an Unanswered tab a few tabs right of the logo up at the top of the screen on every page, that'll take you to a list of unanswered questions