Questions about using the tilemap.

Good morning all ,

About the tilemap system:

1-I am currently developing a 2d platform game, as far as I understand, all 2d platform games must be created (in terms of programming level design and graphic rendering) with the tilemap system, or I do not master the system tilemap, and on top of that apparently it won’t allow me to implement many of my gameplay ideas incompatible with the tilemap system at first glance. What really all 2d platform games have to be created with the tilemap system or it is not the case, if it is not the case please give me examples of known video games which did not use the tilemap system and could you please give me suggestions or graphic solutions (example for platforms) which replace the tilemap system.

2-here are several other questions about the tilemap system:

  • can I use a hybrid system mixed with for example tilemap platforms and others not

  • how to activate deactivate Tilemap platforms according to their visibility or not by the camera

  • a sample code for the following situations:

-crushed between two platforms in tilemap => failure

  • be able to jump if I am above a composite collider tilemap regardless of its shape

-how to calculate the pixel dimensions in x and y of a composite collider tilemap

-how to rename composite collider or all tilemap platforms

  • we can decide on the form of composite collider for each platform and its limits

-if I want to animate the rotation of a composite collider in tilemap is that each tile of the platform rotates alone or the entire platform rotates

  • can you please give me links to video tutorials (in French if possible) which explains all this in a perfect way and which completely explains the tilemap system.

-It’s better to use the tilemap system in the end or I could develop the game differently.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Cordially .

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