Questions about video support in unity 3

Hello everyone,

We are planning to create an interactive Video-Streaming (locally stored) based Video game. In Detail the Game/Interactive Movie exist from a lot of shorter video clips that are used to present the player the environment. It must be possible to add an overlay over the Video to show interaction buttons and other. The resulting product should work on iOS, Android and Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

So my open questions are:

  • Is it possible to create such a product using Unity 3?
  • If yes, is the programming of the video part platform independent or platform dependent?


Alexander Riedel

For Windows you can use a MovieTexture (Unity Pro only), but this is not supported for iOS or Android.

On those platforms you can only play full screen videos using the hardware decoder, during which time you cannot display your own content.

So you'll have to get creative to do what you want. One option would be to rip the video into a sequence of frames and then load and display them one at a time at the appropriate rate while streaming the audio track.