Questions on Lighting

In my game, I don’t have any lights. Some objects are using unlit materials (just unlit colors or textures) and some are using the standard shader but with just the color and metallic/smoothness defined.

Sometimes in the editor when I play the game, the objects with the standard shader materials applied a rendered black. But they always appear correctly in builds. I was wondering if the reason they are occasionally rendered black is because there is no light in the scene. I was also wondering why it only happens sometimes.

I also noticed that objects with a standard shader material applied seem to behave as if there was some kind of light source. In other words, the color of the surface of an object, lets just say a plane, with the standard shader material applied varies depending on the angle of the object in relation to the camera. Whereas an object using an unlit material would be the same color at any angle. Is there a default light that is used when none are found? I’ve tried setting the ambient light intensity to zero but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I suppose my main question though is, is it okay to have a scene with no lights/baked light maps? Up to this point, I’ve avoided baking light maps since the project appears to run fine without them when built and also because I’m trying to keep the size of the builds as small as possible. Anyway, thanks for your time. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hello just wanted to say i could be wrong but i believe you MUST have at least one light in your scene…usually a directional light…i could be wrong but everything i build in unity has at least one light