quick copy transform properties into array in editor

I have 3 big Vector3 array which will contain position,rotation,scale for a transform in the scene.

For each index in the array, i position the transform where it needs to be and copy the 3 position values into the 3 vector 3 slots in the array, same with rotation and scale.

This will take a very long time to do manually,
is there any editor script available that will copy transform properties and allow me to paste them into arrays?

I’ve looked and looked but all i’ve found was copying and pasting transform stuff into other transforms, but not arrays.

Any help would be VERY appeciated.

I would advise to add a serialized or public array or transforms in the script where you want the array. Then you can create a new GameObject for each transform you want and drag it into the array in the inspector. This reference to the transform will give you the data you want and has the bonus of allowing you to select and see what each position/rotation/scale would look like and allow you to edit them easily.

We use a similar design to allow the designers to position spawn points in a level. If you combine this with Gizmos you can make them visible and selectable in the scene view.

I hope that helps =D