QUICK: Is it possible to export package AND scene

i know i can export a package but is there a way to export the scene as well...im trying to transfer all the work i did from my PC to my laptop...and i need it to include the scene...

Just export the scene as a package. If include dependencies is checked it will automatically export the scene + all assets that belong to this scene. (Select scene in project folder - right click - export package)

You can use export package to export scenes, it's a common thing. All you gotta do is select it and all the objects in the scene will be taken along. If you're still having problems, use ctrl+a or select everything, make it a package and export it in a new scene.

Also, don't use "quick", "hurry" or similar on post's name, it gets harder for people to answer to you and confuses other people. Use names according to your question.

This just worked. Save Scene as…navigate to the scene folder. Save it there. Go back to Unity, open the scene folder in the project view. Right click on the scene and export package. You can now export the scene and not lose any information except for the plugins ( in my case play-maker which I just had to reinstall).

To open the scene, import package and then open the scene folder and open the scene from there…voila!