Quick question about updating an asset on the Asset Store?

We’d like to update our project, UniStorm version 1.4, but we’ve done a complete overhaul so we’d like to just remove everything and add the new content. How does this work, will our buyer’s previous saved scene files within the Asset Store project from the past version get erased and have errors or will the update remove the content they’ve created?

Or would it just be easier to create a Unity package file withing the 1.4 update and just keep the old contents?

If any one knows that’d be great, this is what’s causing us to be on hold right now. Thanks

I’m coming up to a similar problem and I’ve not tested it yet but the solution I’m going to have a go with is this. New package has all the newly added code changes so scenes may break. Get a warning to the user that there has been a upgrade but if they need to downgrade, open the previous version unitypackage that I will include in the asset (this will only include scripts). When you downgrade, ask the user to reopen the scene and the original state should be intact. Then provide the user with an option to upgrade if possible, I’m planning on using an XML export/import option to transfer to the new version.
Did that make sense?