Quick question: How do I change to 64 bit?

Very quick question. I have an android build which I want to publish on Google Play Store, but they say my application doesn’t fill the requirement of 64-bit. I’m not sure how to change it to 64-bit. Under Build Settings → ETC2, my options are 32-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit half resolution. My unity version is 2018.2.5f1

I got the same question few days ago.

To solve this issue I had to :

1. Open the Android Player Settings

2. Open the Other Settings category

3. Select IL2CPP scripting backend

4. Check ARMv64 in the Target Architectures

5. Check Split APKs by target architecture (optional, but your players won’t have to download a huge archive with 2 useless APKs). Then, in Google Play, you will have to upload 3 APKs instead of 1.