Quick Question on UI Text Alignment

I need to occasionally print large amounts of text to my screen, columns and rows, several columns and several rows each time (it will vary). It needs to be aligned (right aligned, decimals, etc) so it looks neat, ideally showing the text on a solid white background so it can be read easily.

C# outside has “FlexGrid” and so forth that I’ve used previously but I’m not sure what the equivalent is inside Unity. I just watched the Unity tutorial on “Panels” and a couple others and they show examples for specific uses but so far none have shown anything resembling FlexGrid, etc.

Would someone be so kind as to steer me in the proper direction? I’ll continue to look online in the meantime and I thank you in advance for any assistance.

Check out the manual for Auto Layout in Unity UI. They can be hard to wrap your head around, but incredibly useful.
Children of a HorizontalLayoutGroup act as columns. Children of a VerticalLayoutGroup act as rows. You can specify the preferred width/height of a child with the LayoutElement. With these tools you can combine columns and rows in a hierarchy like so:

v Columns (HorizontalLayoutGroup)
    > Rows in Column 1 (VerticalLayoutGroup)
    > Rows in Column 2 (VerticalLayoutGroup)
    v Rows in Column 3 (VerticalLayoutGroup)
        - UI Element (text, slider, etc.)
        - UI Element
        - UI Element

The alignment property of a Text element is also useful.