Quick question regarding unity liscense

I would like to if the free version of unity can be used to publish games to ios and android platforms since I have seen many articles where they say that indie development for iOS and android is free in unity. Is this true or do I have to purchase the ios / android pro? I’m go I to develop a game solely and I’m not in any incorporated company. Thank you for reading!

Did you find any articles saying that it is not true? If no, you already have your answer.

Check Unity website, it states it clearly:

Indeed, if your organisation’s annual
turnover is less than USD100,000, you
can download and keep the free
perpetual license version of our
software, use it to develop your
content and pitch a prototype to
investors or publish a commercial
product to Android, iOS and Windows
devices without it ever costing you a

As long as you make less than 100000 USD per year, you can publish commercial apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.