Quick question.

Where can I get help with unity and c# problems, except for unity answers or brackeys forum. Because I have been asking the same question every day for three days and no one, no one has been responding or helping me.

Here’s my question that I’ve been asking every day if you are interested in answering it:

Well, you can get help here, but you should first learn how to ask proper questions.

First make sure you format them correctly. You underlined a massive single-line text which turns that line into a header (html h1) which makes the question unreadable. One of your questions got already closed by a moderator for exactly that reason. The reason is stated at the top where it says “closed”.

Second, UnityAnswers is mainly ment as a knowledge base for common problems that might arise while using Unity. If you need basic scripting help or someone who helps with basic debugging problems (which are most the time not directly related to Unity) you should post them in the “HelpRoom”. If you ask too trivial questions in the default space instead of the help room your question might get closed immediately. At the right side there’s a site navigation guide. Also you may have a look at the site FAQ

Don’t post the same question multiple times. Especially when it’s literally a copy&paste of the same post. You can edit your question at any time to improve your question if you have new information. Editing the question will automatically bump the question.

Don’t use teasing / provoking titles like “If you call yourself a game developer. Help”. Titles are ment to summarize your specific problem / question. A title like this adds no value to the question.

Questions should address a specific problem where you’re stuck. Generic questions that basically ask for us to simply do the work for you don’t belong here.

The more efford you put into your question and the more we can see you actually spends some time on solving your problem on your own, the more likely you get help.

Finally keep in mind that we (the community) are spread around the globe. When you ask a question it’s possible that at that time nobody (who might be able to answer) has seen your question. There are far more people asking questions than answering them. Most of those who answer questions here do this in their free time without getting paid. UnityAnswer is not an official support site. Again i strongly recommend you read through the FAQs especially “What if I don’t get a good answer?” and “Why did my question get closed or rejected?”

Ive answerd your question and left you a script, try it out!