Quick rotational menu question

In my game there will be multiple different balls to choose from using, so I was wondering in your opinion what way is the best to make a menu that has two arrows and rotates a set of balls around an axis in the middle to choose the ball you want.

How I was thinking of doing it was using iTween and whenever the arrow is clicked command iTween to rotate the set.

I was just wondering if anyone has done anything like this and has a better idea on how to do it, thanks.

ok, this is a quick and dirty, but can be fine tuned into something presentable, so here goes.
First, create a sphere and turn off the mesh renderer. make all of the balls be child objects of the sphere.
attach this script to the sphere.

var rotationDegrees : float = 20;
 var rotationSpeed : float = 1;
 private var nextRotation : float;
 function Update(){
 	if (nextRotation > transform.rotation.y){
 		transform.rotation.y += (rotationSpeed * .1);
 	if (nextRotation < transform.rotation.y){
 		transform.rotation.y -= (rotationSpeed * .1);
    function RotRight(){
    nextRotation = transform.rotation.y - rotationDegrees;
    function RotLeft(){
     nextRotation = transform.rotation.y + rotationDegrees;

next, create your arrow objects for the left and right rotation.
here is the script for the left arrow:

 function OnMouseDown(){
    gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("RotLeft");

and the right arrow:

 function OnMouseDown(){
    gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("RotRight");

now position the arrows where you want them and make the left arrow a child object of the right arrow, and the invisible sphere a child of the left arrow. Thats it. now you should be able to click on the left and right arrows and make the ring of balls rotate. Like I said though, this is very quick and dirty. My test rig rotates around a few times before settling in on the new rotation which is weird, but I’ll let you do the rest. As with anything in unity, fine tuning is key. Good luck and have fun! X-D