Quickly cycle through a series of images

I want to quickly cycle through a large number of simple images, somewhere in the region of 500. I’m aiming for showing a new random image at the rate of 3 or 4 per second. The images are simply a random positioning of dots and I’m trying to create something similar to a white noise effect. This will have to run on a tablet device so I’m looking for an efficient way to store and show the images in quick succession.

Can anyone suggest the best approach to implement this?

Pack your textures into an texture atlas and animate it by moving the atlas texture around.

(Look at this random example atlas I copied from google):

alt text

You could also generate the texture “live” on the device using an actual noise implementation, I think 0,25 - 0,33 seconds are enough to generate a noise texture on a tablet nowdays

Add all your images in Resources folder and load them using Resources.Load at runtime.
After you load a new image, unload the old on from RAM using Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets.
If Resources.Load is causing frame drops, you can try to load the new image using Resources.LoadAsync