Quicky deselect all selected object in Editor

When I’m finished working with object I’d like to deselect it to not make any accidental changes. But it drives me nuts, that such a simple procedure takes extra time. I know 3 ways to deselect a selected objects, but I want to find more faster and simpler method.

  1. Find a sky and click it. Disadvantages: Mostly it takes to much time and changes your working position

  2. Shift + LMB on selected object. Disadvantages: You can click something else and add it to selection and you need to aim at that object which also takes time.

  3. Click on empty space in project section. Disadvantages: The content of opened folder changes, so you still need to aim and if the opened folder is full of assets it getting hard to click at empty space. + My Project tab is on the second monitor, so I need to waste a lot of time on mouse dragging.

I really hope that there is a key combination for deselect or some easyer methods to do this.

It’s really goes on my nerves, so here my workaround:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + N (in Hierarchy) to create new dummy object
  2. Select it (and only it) with mouse or somehow
  3. Ctrl + Alt + 1 (add it to selection group 1)
  4. Eleminate mercylessy dummy object
  5. Now you can use Ctrl + Shift + 1 to deselect all (technically select nothing or rip dummy more accurate)

not very nice, but better als scrolling out scene to find an empty space to click each time
why it can not be just Ctrl + Shift + A? Dear unity dev team…

Create a new .cs script in the “Editor” folder.
Then put the following code there:

    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEditor;     
    public class EditorShortCutKeys : ScriptableObject
    	[MenuItem("GameObject/Deselect all %#D")]
    	static void DeselectAll()
    		Selection.objects = new Object[0];

Now you can press ctrl + shift + d to deselect all.
If you wish to change howkey you should edit a “MenuItem” attribute.
More info is here:

Yeah, this is a really annoying issue because a “Deselect All” command is easily found in most every major software :confused:

  1. The cleanest and clearest way to
    deselect things in Unity is by
    Ctrl+LMB clicking the object in the
    “Hierarchy Window”. (If you double click too fast, it will focus your Scene window on that object, so be careful.)

  2. Another thing you can do is make a
    new script file and paste in the
    code found on THIS page. It
    will put a command in the top menu
    tabs of Unity, but I don’t think it
    will add a hotkey, so do get too
    excited :confused:

This was added to Unity. Shift+D will now deselect all.
Or Edit → Deselect All