Quite confused about new navigation system

Hello. I don’t understand what are the differences/relations bewteen all these settings (attachments).

There is also settings in navigation > bake but i belive it’s no longer used by the new navigation system.

What is “Agent Type” in Nav Mesh Agent component ? What is the différence bewteen the radius in “Nav Mesh Agent > radius” and “Navigation > Agents > Radius” ?

Thanks a lot !

I remember answering this exact question lately.

The manual states:

  • NavMesh bake settings describe how all the NavMesh Agents are colliding or avoiding the static world geometry. In order to keep memory on budget and CPU load in check, only one size can be specified in the bake settings.

  • NavMesh Agent properties values describe how the agent collides with moving obstacles and other agents.

This means that the settings in the agents tab are solely for agent-agent collision, and the settings in the Navigation window are for movement through the world, to avoid running into walls.