quiz game how to store questions

Hi all, I’m making a quiz game.
I have a problem that how to store questions.
If I have 7000 questions , where can I store?
use excel? or json ? or MySQL ?
I don’t know the right way , where do I start?

Hello Mojaja,
foremost should be said you can store them however you want. I would not suggest sql as I think it’s overkill for this task. JSON and Excel both are fine. Alternatively you can look into ScriptableObjects and store each question as its own scriptable object or you can just have them in a text file each question on its own line (similar to excel).

I would suggest you to use the method that you are most comfortable with and with which you are able to work fastest.

There are many ways to do it.
you can store it in JSON or scriptable object (scriptable object is advised ). The best way would be store a small amount of data in scriptable object and retrieve rest from remote values. In that way you can always change/modify questions.