Quiz Game Random Question Stuck

I’m new at coding and unity and i watch video from brackeys youtube channel how to make a quiz game he ended up the last video and if you look into the game there is no main menu i start making a menu and i do it finally but now i have 9 random questions and there is a false or true when i end the 9 questions the repeat that there is no end i want to go to the next sense after 9 questions (sorry for the bad english)

I am taking this to mean you wish to load a scene once the 9 questions are up? Why don’t you add to a variable each time a question is answered and when the variables equals the desired value has the new scene launched.
Something like:

int questionsAsked = 0;

if (questionsAsked == 9)

I’m not familiar with the Brackeys stuff, but I assume it’d be pretty simple to add +1 to the variable eachtime a question is answered.

QuestionsAsked = QuestionsAsked +1

It might not be the best solution as I’m new as well, but it might push you in the right direction. Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood your issue.