R6025 error when destroying cloth objects

Hello (from a first-time poster)

I think I am having a problem destroying a game object that has a cloth component.

In my game, many objects with the cloth component are instantiated, fly around for a bit, die and then repeat. All this works perfectly inside the Unity editor, but after several minutes of running as a stand-alone, I get an R6025 Pure Virtual Function call error and the game crashes.

By segmenting off parts of the code, it seems that destroying the cloth objects are the problem. If I don’t destroy those objects, I don’t get the crash and the error. Of course, then I end up with loads of redundant game objects that should be destroyed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this? Is there a specific way to destroy objects with a cloth component?

Unity 5.5.0f3, Windows 8.


Using DestroyImmediate instead of Destroy, on the object containing the Cloth worked for us.

This is a work-around though, so this ideally needs fixing by the devs.