Race Network Game

Hello everyone.
I started to create network race game with Photon and Edy’s Vehicle, but i’ve got a trouble. Physics. It behaviours really strange, when two cars collide, one of them goes up on another one.
What can you advise to me? Maybe another network engine? How do you create well physics behaviour in your projects?

Well I am not sure how Photon handles Rigidbodys over network. I know how to do it using Unity’s Built in networking.

Simply you have a script that streams the Rigidbody’s position, rotation, velocity, angularVelocity. to the client.

So all the physics calculations are done on the clients PC.

The master server or listen server as the ONLY one to send out the data of the Rigidbody. Or have the owner of each rigidbody send out the data for only there own would work too.