Racetrack layout legalities... anyone know?

Okay, not really a Unity question but my game is a Unity project and I thought someone here might know…

Is it legal to use the actual layout of a racetrack for your game? I’m not talking names, trademarks etc… but the road layout. I have permission to use Pukekohe Raceway (name and all) from here in NZ but I have tracks from around the world… I’d like to use Laguna Seca for “USA” for example.

Anyone have any idea?

In no way shape or form can you copyright a road. The name of the racetrack yes. Art is a different story. I dont know how to explain it but yes you can use the design so long as you dont copy right any names/brands etc.

You can’t copyright the ‘shape’ of a track. Just be careful you don’t use any names of tracks you don’t have rights for.

Secondly, and even more important, don’t ask for legal advice on game development forums. Ask a lawyer.

Well, I got my answer… the Hockenheim people told me that the layout is trademarked as well as the name/logo etc. They said the licensing fee was between 15,000-20,000 Euros… bit out of my range! HAHA.

Tracks are specifically designed (that’s what makes every track distinct), therefore they are copyrighted and/or patented. Just like companies paying millions of dollars to design a golf course or even a roller coaster these designs are all protected from intellectual property infringement.